You may have already heard that we, St Mary’s Bellringers, are asking for financial support to pay for up-to-date, specialist training facilities to enable us to teach ringing in a modern way and ensure we meet the expectations of new ringers who have far less time available in today’s busy world.   Full details of the project may be found on this page.

The church is fully supportive of our project which will ensure we pass on this ‘heritage skill’ and have enough bellringers for the next generation, but, unfortunately, is not in a position to offer direct financial assistance.   However, we hope that many of you, if you have not already done so, will feel able to contribute on an individual basis.   We have already raised over £10,000 so any help, however small, will help us reach our target!    Donations may be made by:

  • Cash or cheque (payable to ‘St Mary’s Barnes PCC’) – please put in a Gift Aid envelope clearly marked ‘BELLS’
  • online, with no fees charged, via this page.

Email Trisha Hawkins [email protected] for further details or with any enquiries.