Wedding Banns

a) To publish your intention to marry, Banns must be called in the Parish Church of the parishes in which both the bride and groom reside. In the Church of England, Banns must be published three times before the wedding. This is a legal requirement. They are read out on three consecutive Sundays during the three months prior to your wedding date. If you reside outside the Parish of St. Mary’s and are on the electoral roll of this parish because you attend services here regularly, it is still necessary to have your Banns read at your local Parish Church as well as at St. Mary’s.

b) It is your responsibility to arrange for the calling of Banns and it is advisable to contact your parish church at least four months before your wedding in order for them to be called.

c) Banns are called on three consecutive Sundays within three months of your wedding. They do not need to be called on the same Sundays in both/all churches. It is desirable that you should come to church to hear the Banns read on at least one Sunday.

d) Many couples and their families choose to attend the publication of their Banns of marriage and we look forward to welcoming you for this. At St. Mary’s, they are usually read at the end of the 10am Service. The publishing of Banns usually takes the form: “I publish the Banns of marriage between John Smith, of the parish of St Martin’s, Low Marple, and on the electoral roll of this parish, and Jane Brown, of this parish. This is for the first time of asking. If any of you know any reason in law why these persons may not marry each other you are to declare it.”

e) The Banns Certificate: where Banns have been called in another parish, the certificate should be sent to the Church Administrator at least 14 days before the date of your wedding.

f) With effect from March 2015 where one or both parties applying to be married is a non-EEA national (to check if you are or not go to: you must obtain a Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate (SRC) unless you have been granted an Archbishop’s special licence. SRC’s can be obtained from a designated Registrar’s Office . There is a 28 day waiting period between applying and being granted a licence. An SRC will need to be presented to St Mary’s Church office in order for a wedding to proceed. An SRC is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of notice provided by the register office. All other couples seeking to book a wedding at St Mary’s will need to provide evidence that they are both UK citizens or EEA nationals by presenting their passports to the church office where copies will be taken and details recorded. When this process has been completed the church can agree that the notice of the marriage can be given by the system of banns. If there is any doubt or question relating to this government legislation please call the church office on 0208 741 5422.

You can download our Banns Request Form here