St Mary's Barnes Scrapbooks

The text below is written on the Index page of the first scrapbook which covers the period 1978 to 1992. The galleries will show the scrapbooks year by year.

‘This album is a compilation of memorabilia – press cuttings, photographs, written contributions etc. which describe and portray the events leading up to the rebuilding of the church after the disastrous fire in 1978 and the subsequent regeneration of life and activities within the church during the last 14 years. It was thought that it would be of interest and value to everyone and, in particular future generations, if all this material was gathered together in one place. The project was thought up by Lea Ford 2 years ago (c1991) and the task of searching out and assembling the contents of the scrapbook has taken until the beginning of 1993. The next volume will be easy and can be continued on a year to year, even month to month basis, like a family photograph album.’

1990 Scrapbook