The Fabric Committee supports the PCC in maintaining our grade II* listed building in good condition, and where we can, improve our facilities. Unlike last year, it is hard to make much of a claim that work on the church has been very visible. Did you spot that the north inside wall of the tower was replastered, after the work to prevent the wall getting damp was finished? I thought not. You can see this area in the picture shown here.  Or that broken pointing round our heating grilles and paving in the nave floor was repaired? Actually, you might have spotted the latter; it will take time for the white marks to tone in with the older mortar. We have been working on matters that are only now about to come to fruition. The Hoare family, whose ancestors were the leading family in Barnes in the eighteenth century, and who did much to support the church and the community, want to replace a memorial to them that was destroyed in the 1978 fire. The PCC approves the principle of a new plaque on the north wall of the chapel and are about to decide on a detailed design. We will show the plans to everyone shortly. Eventually the decision will be for the diocese. We are also wanting to start work soon on other projects including restoring the lych gate and repairing the Church Road boundary wall. And this spring we hope to complete work in upgrading our fire safety arrangements. The PCC and I are as ever grateful to the members of the Fabric Committee who give their time and expertise to make these things happen: the churchwardens, Patrick Findlater, Trisha Hawkins,William Heller, Michael Murison and Paul Teverson. As I said last year a slightly larger committee could help us do more, more expeditiously. Who do you know of a practical bent who might like to join us.

Peter Boyling, Chair, Fabric Committee

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