Kitson Hall

Hirings, community and church use                                                           

Our 3 biggest hirers by far are still Clifford Dance Studios, Ark Nursery, and Pedal Project (cycle training for children) between them producing roughly 50% of income for the hall. We also hire regularly to Monkey Music, Barnes Theatre Club, Butterfly Ballet, Krav Maga & Stretch Therapy, T’ai Chi, National Childbirth Trust and Barnes Petite Performers. Newcomers are Ballet Better “Silver Swans”, Neuromovement and Pan and Luna Yoga.

The hall is always in high demand for children’s parties at weekends but availability for wedding receptions has reduced due to greater use of the hall during term-times on Saturdays. Barnes Community Players had a further Summer show in 2019, in addition to their annual pre Christmas show. Other community uses include the Barnes Community Association and Scouts jumble sales and homeless lunches. The hall is used by the church for the annual Fashion Show and various church receptions and meals.

Hall income and expenditure                                                                  

In 2019, gross income was just under £67,000, compared with £62,000 in 2018, £65,000 in 2017 and £60,000 in 2016. There were again small fee increases payable by The Ark Nursery, Clifford Studios and Barnes Community Players from September 2019 but hourly rates remained unchanged.

The surplus after expenses was £29,808 (compared with £25,459 in 2018), all of which was transferred to the youth fund. This was the highest ever surplus caused by a record figure for gross income and relatively low expenditure overall, apart from one large item, being expenditure of just over £7,000 for a new stage curtain, window curtains and blinds in the large hall.

Maintenance Repairs and Improvements

The curtains have just been mentioned. A further fire risk assessment  on the hall was carried out recently. This recommended various action points, the main one being that there should be a new fire alarm connected to a central monitoring point. Competitive quotations are being sought.

Summary: Cheryl should be thanked for the consistently good financial results over the last four financial years achieved by an ever higher level of lettings in both halls within two separate and constantly changing timetables of holidays and term-time. It should be noted, however, that the recent Coronavirus outbreak will inevitably have a severe impact on future hire income for the hall in the short and possibly medium term.

William Heller, Chair of Kitson Hall Committee, [email protected]